Topics and Sample Tests

In the academic year of 2018-2019, a modification of application/admission timeline is highly expected, specifically for University of Pécs. Currently, the details regarding this modification are under discussion, and initially the “extended(*starting earlier and completing as usual)” timeline is expected.


According to this probable change/extension of application/admission timeline, the EU Meducation® also expects a few changes in our “recommended qualification and preparation guidelines” within upcoming months. However, the exam topics covered by the Entrance Exams will not easily change apart from this, mostly due to the profound experience and database in terms of assessing the applicants from various countries by the medical universities in Europe. Therefore, it is still recommended to follow the Topic Lists provided here as well as a few sample questions published by the medical universities in Hungary, unless there is a separate notification regarding the exam subjects and topic lists, and/or any further modification with the structure of testing materials and methods. Again, the following topic and sample question here is originally and officially provided by any of the medical universities of Hungary, not an exclusive/private source from private agencies including ours.

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As explained previously, the key points in the assessment of the Entrance Exams are to examine the ability to read and acknowledge the academic/medical information published in English language. Furthermore, one of the two exam sections governs “Oral Presentation” on any given topic chosen by the applicants prior to the exams, and this will reflect the language proficiency as well as the proper and precise usage of English terminology, especially the one from Medical and Scientific studies. Therefore, all applicants – being native or non-native English speakers – are required to prepare most of their exam subjects based on this basic “assessment key points” mentioned above. In summary, all the applicants are supposed to be well-prepared in preparing, organizing, and delivering their presentation in English language, within a given time of 10-30 minutes based on their randomly selected exam questions as following.

★ Please click here to download the topic lists.

★ Please contact us to request “the previous exam questions.”

What really draws your attention is the actual importance of General Chemistry section weighs more than Organic Chemistry section, in general. In other words, quite a lot of applicants feel “Organic Chemistry” is much harder to study and memorize a series of “different” structural formulas, which leads to a neglected attitude toward very basic theoretical parts in General Chemistry as well as equations in the end. Therefore, it is never enough for applicants to review “from the first page” until they can literally feel prepared “to teach someone else,” once again in English language. Another importance is that the overall knowledge in Chemistry will cover quite universally from basic biology at high school level up to its intensive and advanced level of Molecular Cellular Biology, not to mention physiology and microbiology from medical studies eventually. Therefore, it is critical to have a “macroscopic” view to studying chemistry.


Biology section also consists of different parts, including basic knowledge in physiology as one of them. This is to explain the overall mechanism of life sustaining activities within an living organism, and this will also reflect the cause and effect of cellular metabolism, in the end. Furthermore, in studying Histology and Anatomy, the profound understanding in Molecular Cellular Biology plays a huge role in the first two years at medical schools. Once again, this is generally connected to the prior knowledge in Chemistry as well and is better to be referred to in the mean time. For Szeged university, the applicants also opt to take Physics section instead of Chemistry. Still, for many cases, it is not really frequent for an applicant to prepare for this Physics section, mostly because there are not many countries “setting Physics as compulsory subject for younger students.” However, even if applicants do not want to study Physics as their optional selection at the time of taking the Entrance Exams, it is strongly recommended to study the given topics of Physics prior to the first semester at Medical University due to its widespread effects on studying other subjects such as biophysics and/or medical physics, and physiology, just to name a few. In practice, therefore, it is not an option to study different subjects by comparing the details from one subject with another at the same time.

The EU Meducation® provides our member applicants for University of Pécs with an extra scholarship opportunities as well as financial support for their first active semester. Please refer to this for more details!


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